Corfu, Grecia

After a hectic week of school work and deadlines in Florence, my roommates and I were very excited to reward our efforts by taking a vacation from our “vacation” at Corfu Island, Greece. We got there by taking a ferry but the journey there wasn’t as easy as it sounds. We had to take two trains first from Florence ultimately getting to Ancona, Italy. For some reason the trains we took were completely full so we had to squeeze in like sardines and suffer through our hours long train ride. Once we got to Ancona we took a bus to get to the ferry terminal and then finally embarked the ferry. 17 hours later in the morning we arrived to Corfu Yay!! Getting there and waking up to the beautiful sunrise made all the struggle to get there absolutely worth it!

Sunrise view from ferry


Corfu, Greece was the perfect vacation from the city and a good break from pasta. Speaking about food, I absolutely loved Greek food; pitas, feta cheese, gyros… I was enjoying it! The beach was beautiful and crystal clear; it was very private and not crowded at all so you could find me there for most of the day. I would eat, drink and nap sitting in my nice chair by the beach and of course swim in the refreshing waters and from time to time explore the beach and the Island.



I found that the Greeks were very nice, even more so than the Italians; they’d joke with us and ask us where we were from. I noticed that things in Greece were considerably cheaper than things in Italy and I did not mind this at all. Later I found out that the reason for the lower prices is because Greece is going through some economic troubles at the moment, while this is not good for the country it actually works out for tourists as everything is cheaper now. Some people have asked me if it was safe there, it seems like the media has made it seem like Greece is not a safe place at the moment because of the financial crisis but my answer to that question is a resounding yes! I could not have felt safer while I was there and I would recommend anyone to visit at this time. I spent a whole weekend there and it was nice to just wake up and relax by the beach all day.

The highlight: On our first night there my roommates and I randomly decided to take our little blanket, some wine and snacks and just lay by the beach to watch the stars. There was no one else at the beach so we could hear everything. The sound of the waves, the cold breeze and the shinning stars made my nights in Corfu magical and definitely the highlight of my stay. We liked it so much that we ended up doing that every night that we spent in Corfu. My time in Greece overall was great! I loved every second of it!

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