Venezia, Italia

The city of Venice had been on my bucket list for the longest time and with only two weekends remaining before leaving Italy, I definitely wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss on visiting the beautiful and unique city of Venice, so I took advantage of the only day I had available and started my journey to this city. It took me around 4 hours to get from Florence to Venice by bus. Once there, no buses are allowed in the city so we changed our transportation to a boat and then finally arrived… Oh, how excited I was to be at the famous floating city! From my very first step out of the boat I noticed that Venice was as magical as I expected!!

Venice is a very unique city in the world because it was built on water.  It was initially built over wooden foundations and little by little they kept improving their structures. I spent the day walking around and getting to know this beautiful city.

Venice is in the northern region of Italy and as I explained on my previous blog post, the north is known for their diverse cuisine so I was excited to try their food. Lunch was from a little restaurant called Dal Moro’s. They make their pasta from scratch in front of you; I ordered Cacio e Pepe with sausage, it was super delicious and you could definitely taste the freshness.


Cacio e Pepe

Then I headed to Vecchia Murano, which is a murano glass factory shop that makes handmade vases, decorative glass, drinking glasses and more… There I watched a glass blowing demonstration and checked out their beautiful creations.

Vecchia Murano

And you can’t do Venice without riding a gondola, especially because you can find gondola rides literally in every corner… So of course I had to ride one! Most gondoliers are very nice and some even sing for you through your ride. The ride usually lasts about 15 minutes and it costs 80 euros, which is over $90 US dollars but you can have up to 6 people in the gondola and split the costs. I know 80 euros seems like a lot but trust me a gondola ride is totally worth it and a must do in Venice.

Gondola Ride

My time in Venice was very short; I was only there for the day for about 5 hours, the biggest advice I can give you is to not be like me and actually try to stay in this city for a weekend rather than just one day because trust me, once there you will not want to leave.  Before I knew, it was time to leave and I can confidently say that Venice was everything that I imagined and more! It is a very romantic city and definitely a must go to in Italy and the world. I enjoyed walking around Piazza San Marco, visiting their shops, enjoying of their food and of course gelato, riding a gondola, just getting to be in this amazing city and finally taking it off my bucket list.  It was sad to learn that this beautiful city might disappear in the future because it is above sea level and expected to keep rising as a consequence of global warming and climate change. I hope that I am able to visit this floating city again soon and enjoy of its enchantments. Fino alla prossima volta Venezia!

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