Costiera Amalfitana, Italia

Last weekend in Italy, my time to go back home was approaching fast and I wanted to make every weekend count. So for my last weekend I decided to visit the famous Amalfi Coast! It’s funny the way I ended up going on this trip, most of my trips in Italy I planned ahead of time but this one was kind of spontaneous. Initially I had planned on relaxing in Florence because every prior weekend was spent visiting other cities but a friend from one of my classes was going on this trip with her roommates so I decided to tag along and I’m so glad I did!

All of Italy is great, every place has its enchantments but if I had to choose from the places I visited, the Amalfi Coast was my absolute favorite!


The Amalfi Coast is located in Southern Italy, very close to Naples. This region is known for its rich cuisine and the creation of pizza!

We stayed at a hotel in Sorrento, it was right next to a beach where I saw the most beautiful pink sunset I’ve ever seen!

On the first day, we visited the Island of Capri and I really didn’t want to leave. Capri was so dreamy! This island is full of beautiful white houses, magical underwater caves, cute little cafes and good vibes! Walking around and just being there made me feel important and I suppose that makes sense because Capri is famous for being used for commercials for companies like Dolce & Gabbana and is a top destination that celebrities visit; to prove it I can tell you how Will Smith was there the same weekend we were and some of the girls on the trip claim to have seen his yacht!

One of my top things to do in Capri was to visit the Blue Grotto, which is an underwater cave where the sun light hits the water in such a way that it looks out of this world. Look it up! But the water was too choppy that day and for safety reasons we couldn’t go into the cave… just one more reason for me to go back. I was still able to get on a boat and explore all the other caves and enjoy the jaw dropping beauty of this island.


On the second day, we visited Positano, a famous getaway spot in Italy. The drive there was very scenic, it is on a hill and you can get a view of all of Positano from the road. Positano is full of colorful houses covered in flowers, plenty of art shops, and a unique black sand beach. My day in Capri was active, walking around the city and exploring so in Positano, I decided to slow things down, just lay, enjoy the beach and relax!

The third day was the most active, we started by climbing up to the Vesuvius volcano that destroyed the whole city of Pompeii. I was surprised to learn that the volcano is still active and even saw smoke coming out of the volcano.  After that we had a delicious lunch, tried the famous southern drink Limoncello and visited the ruined city of Pompeii. Being in the city of Pompeii was a very informational experience. I learned about the history and customs of the Pompeiians and it was interesting to me to see how so much of the city was gone but yet so much of it still remained.

The Amalfi Coast has so much to do, whether you feel like having an active day or just relaxing! I’m sure you can see why this was my favorite weekend in Italy.

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