Week 6 ~ Arrivederci Italia!

This was it, last week. It was so bittersweet, I was happy that I was soon going back home to see my loved ones but I was also very sad to leave the place that I had called home for the past 6 weeks. I knew I was going to miss the unbelievably beautiful beaches, nature, Italian food, amazing architecture and art, gelato, walking around the city and finding new adventures every day.
I can confidently say that studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It helped me grow as a person and learn to embrace change well. I will not lie, as much as I wanted to visit Italy, it was still a little intimidating to leave to a new country with a different language and culture all by myself but I learned that you cannot let fear stop you. Once there, I never felt alone; I made friends. I prayed for good roommates and God gave the three awesome roommates who’s interests aligned with mine. God opened doors for me and every little detail I was unsecured about was taken care of.

Piazza Michaelangelo

I used to be very risk averse and this experience has taught me that some risks are worth taking, that life cannot be planned to a 100% and as they say the greater the risk, the greater the reward!
It was amazing to see how huge the world is and what my place is in it. To see the creations of God. To see the cultural differences and while all of this may sound cheesy I mean it.
I have taken the time to write about each week and weekend I spent studying abroad, they are for people to read but mainly I wrote them for myself because we as humans forget the good things easily and I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to be able to read these blogs ten years later and smile. I also want these blogs to serve as motivation for me to keep seeking adventure. To explore more, to live more! This is just the beginning; I know with my job and my own business I don’t have much free time but I want to make sure every year I go on at least one big travel adventure. It doesn’t have to be to somewhere that’s a thousand miles away, it can even be a different state but an adventure to remind me that life is good and enjoy God’s creation and I’m writing about it so I can hold myself accountable.

If you are thinking about studying abroad or taking that trip you’ve been planning for forever, go ahead! You won’t regret it!

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